Points of Pride

We take pride in educating the whole child, not only addressing the cognitive and learning areas, but also fostering the physical, social, creative and emotional development of our students.

Cognitive Development:

  • PSSA Prep
  • Teachers are able to enhance vigorous core curriculum with many external learning experiences and are able to teach thematically across the curriculum.
  • Most students read at or above the target level
  • Placed 3rd in the Philadelphia Scholastic Chess League

Development of Social Skills and Awareness:

  • Fundraising for Charitable Organizations
  • Student Education Program to foster awareness and empathy for other students regarding health related conditions (ie:Diabetes, Autism, and Tourette’s syndrome)

Physical Development:

  • Foster an awareness of the benefits of physical activity and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Assembly and on-going nutritional educational programs
  • Governor’s Fitness Challenge-First place among participating Philadelphia schools
  • Eat Right Now Program
  • Fitness Gram
  • Organized Recess

Creative Development:

  • The Mentally Gifted Students participate yearly in an off campus competition which involved students designing, building model solar cars and racing them in a competition with 7th and 8th graders from the Delaware Valley.
  • Strong Music program including Winter and Spring Instrumental Concerts.
  • Creative performances that reflect cross-curricular instruction.

Emotional Development:

  • Supportive counseling groups
  • Art Based psycho educational classroom lessons
  • Collaborative team with high accessibility to parents, students, and staff