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At the beginning of each school year, your teacher will give you a student ID number and password.  This is the password you will use for the entire year.  If you are having problems logging in, please contact the Dean of Students for help.

School District of Philadelphia Student Information Page


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First in Math – Math program for K-2 Graders


Think Through Math Program/Imagine Math
Grades 3rd – 5th School – Access through the Student Portal



(You will access this from your Student Portal)(If you have a new iPad you can follow these directions to download the Lexia app:  Preferred Lexia devices include iPad 4+, iPad Mini 3+, iPad Air+, iPad Pro (iOS 10+). Lexia’s tech support recommends updating devices newer than 4th gen iPads and 1st gen iPad minis to IOS 11. Users need to download and install the latest version of Reading Core 5. Students using iPads must log in to the district portal in Safari and click on the Lexia Core5 tile.

Please follow the steps below when using Lexia on iPads:
1.  Download/Install the latest version of Reading Core5 app
2.  Go to and login to the portal.
3.  Click on Lexia icon. Click “OK” to open the app.