Jenks Policies

Attendance Policy
Students should attend school every day except when a child is ill. Parents are required to send a note explaining the student’s absence on the day of return. Students absent three (3) or more days or who exhibit patterned absences (every Monday or Friday) will be reported for investigation. Please also be aware that the Philadelphia Police, School Police, and SEPTA Police can pick up any children caught not being in school that are of school age.


Promotion Criteria
The policy of the School District is to require all students to meet specified requirements for promotion and graduation in accordance with federal, state and local guidelines.
In grades 1 and 2, students must pass reading and math.
In grades 3 through 7, students must pass reading, math and science.
In grade 8, students must pass reading, math, science and social studies

Lateness Policy

Students will be considered late if they do not enter the building with their class. If they enter at the main entrance they are LATE.

We have seen an improvement in the number of latenesses.

One lateness for the month and your child/ren cannot participate in that month’s special activity.
More than 3 excused absences and your child/ren will not be eligible for the grand prize drawing in December or June.
If your child/ren miss 5 or more days, you will receive a letter asking you to make an appointment to see Mrs. Douglas. Further latenesses will result in additional actions to be taken.

Recess Behavioral Expectations

We have an organized lunch recess in which students may participate in various activities. Students who do not wish to participate in the activities are asked to stay in the area designated for non-participants. Students who are disruptive during lunch or recess will receive a lunch detention. Students who receive a lunch detention will report to the detention area during lunchtime. Please review with your child the code of conduct and expectations of appropriate behavior.

•  Respect the rights and property of others.
•  All children will eat in assigned areas.
•  Talk quietly.
•  Follow all directions.
•  All children will wait to be excused by the person(s) on duty.
•  For health and safety reasons, keep all food and paper items to yourself.
•  Throwing of food will not be tolerated.
*  All litter will be placed in trash cans.
•  All children will stay at their designated playground area.
•  Use of appropriate language and gestures.
•  Fighting or rough play are not permitted.
•  Listening to and obeying playground supervisors immediately is required and expected.
•  Obeying rules of safety in games and in use of playground equipment is mandatory.

Students who violate the code of conduct and expectations of appropriate behavior will be immediately placed in the timeout area. A behavior report will be sent home to inform parents of their child’s inappropriate behaviors. Parents will be asked to sign and return the incident report to confirm that they received the report.

Repeated violations will result in a behavior referral to the office and will result in increased consequences, and behavior that violates Student Code of Conduct may result in the parent/guardian being asked to come take your child home for the remainder of the day or the length of a suspension.

Some examples of disruptive student behaviors, which will be considered a violation of the code of conduct, are:

•  Destruction of property.
•  Inappropriate, threatening, or offensive language or mannerisms.
•  Fighting.
•  Verbal or physical abuse of students or adults.
•  Behavior that causes or reasonably could cause physical harm to students or adults.
•  Possession or use of any weapon or looks like weapon.
•  Any other form of misbehavior which disrupts school or which is detrimental to the school environment.