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Congratulations to the A.S. Jenks Gifted Students! They participated in the The Philadelphia Solar Sprint held at Drexel University for middle school students. There were over 60 cars in the race. Through this event, students learn how to design, build and race model solar cars. Awards are given for speed, design (i.e. technical merit, artistic merit, Re-use Merit and innovation) and best overall vehicle.

Marina Awadalla and Andy Chen (team name Olaf’s Garden), where awarded 2nd place for the Re-Use Merit Award. Christie Ugahary and Sam Rahmoune (team name Golden Penguin) made it to the finals, and placed 4th.



Our Vision

Each student deserves a holistic education that addresses his/her individual needs. It is each staff member’s responsibility to promote success for every student.


Principal’s Mission Statement:

  • Develop a Healthy School Climate
  • Develop and Implement Strategies for Success for all Children
  • Help Children to Build Self-Esteem While Developing Positive Interpersonal Relationships
  • Create a Partnership with the Community in the Education of our Students
  • Work in Cooperation with Families
  • Help All Children Develop Relevant Skills for Success in Today’s Society



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